Enjoy Horni Becva with us either in Summer and Winter...
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The greater relaxation in the wellness weekend, guests can still enjoy our massages, which are the oldest medical device used for millennia to eliminate pain, establishing a good mood and muscle recovery.

• classical massage
• underwater massage
• Scottish showers
• bubble bath

They therefore should enhance the care of the human body and its health.
Our goal is to make our offer include massages to improve blood circulation, thus accelerating the supply of oxygen and nutrients and also leads to increased leaching of undesirable substances held in the muscles.
Thus accelerates the overall regeneration of the organism.

Aside from the physical effects are also very beneficial impact on our mind.
There is a total relaxation, eliminates fatigue and stress, which in today's hectic world often causes sore muscles and stiff especially in the neck and shoulders

 Prices massage services
Classical massage of back and neck
  (30 minutes) 150,-CZK
Total body massage
  (1 hour) 350,-CZK
Chinese pressure massage
  (30 minutes) 150,-CZK
Relaxation - reflexology foot massage
  (30 minutes) 150,-CZK
lava rocks
  (60 minutes) 440,-CZK
lymphatic massage
  (60 minutes, 30 minutes) 440 / 220,-CZK
honey massage
  (30 minutes) 220,-CZK